Celebrate Culture. Embrace Traditions. Enjoy the Holidays!

"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are." -Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Findr Group's holiday gift this year is a peek into the process behind everything our team produces: a world of knowledge, passions, and perspective coming together in a single voice. Everything we do is an endeavor to connect with an audience by speaking with respect to their culture and values. The way we connect with each other inside the office is no different.

And how better to bridge the distance between people and cultures than sharing food? The diversity around our lunch table on any given day is a mirror of the changing world around us. Linger for more than a few moments and you will be invited to try a bite of something from a corner of the world very far from your own. Tagine, bhel puri, varenyky, and one dollar pizza all have a space here.

​As diverse as our tastes are, we all come together to share something of our origins that goes beyond words. And from that, we have built our own culture of many voices. Through twelve little packages we invite our clients to share in this experience.

A dozen candies from as many nations represented within Findr Group arrive assembled in their own custom-designed boxes, reflecting Findr's creative approach to each treat. Inside are candies exactly as you would find them in their country of origin. 

 We hope the colleagues who receive them will take a moment to savor the other pleasures of each one before tasting; the presentation, packaging, and language on the wrappers provide their own insight into the cultures we seek to share. Taken individually, each piece can provide a moment of deeper understanding into the time and place it represents. As a whole, we hope to provide a taste of the diversity that comprises Findr Group.

Happy Holidays!